When considering cabinet space for your kitchen area, there are so many options available. The classic and timeless feel of wooden cabinetry adds warmth and life to any space, but what makes it a perfect fit for your family? Customization? Durability? Local business support? Let’s dive into the benefits of choosing wood cabinetry for your home.

Creative and customizable

Although wood has a very traditional essence, the variations and styles are nearly endless. There are creative options that fit any budget. Because wood is flexible, it can blend well with any creative décor project within your home. The options are vast and vary from the deep hue of cherrywood to the unique look of hickory. You also have the option to paint over your wood whenever you desire. The creative options are nearly endless and should be considered when choosing wood for your kitchen cabinets.


Durable and easy to repair

Wood carries a unique and useful combination of characteristics including hardness, strength, toughness, and stiffness that makes it durable. The more durable, the longer it will last. This concept makes wood a moneywise option. Aside from durability, if there ever is a time where there are minor repairs for cracks that begin in the wood, it is an easy fix. It’s as simple as a trip to your local hardware store.


Support local business

A great benefit to choosing wood cabinetry is the option to shop locally. There are a number of local lumber businesses that would greatly benefit from a family making the decision to add a  wood element to their home décor. The demand for lumber in The United States has greatly increased within the past year which creates jobs for U.S. citizens. It always feels good to give back to a fellow U.S, resident by patronizing their local business.


Here at Cabinets & Granite, we have a great selection of maple cabinet frames that come in great colors. We build all cabinets in our warehouse located in Earth City, MO, where we can customize and modify your wood pieces so they perfectly fit within your home.

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