Whether you are building a kitchen from scratch or remodeling your existing space, you are probably weighing a lot of design decisions. Cabinetry not only takes up space in your budget but also visually occupies a lot of space in the kitchen. Here are four reasons why custom kitchen cabinets are beneficial and worth the added room in your design budget.

Custom kitchen cabinets are well-built

Custom cabinets are more durable and have a higher quality than standard versions. Cheaper assembly line cabinets often show wear and tear quickly and may have issues such as the finish wearing off, drawers not closing smoothly, or parts breaking after years of use.


There can be hundreds of cabinets to choose from but not one perfect fit. Don’t let your personal style be limited by a store’s product availability. With customization, you can choose the material, style, finish and hardware for your cabinets. You can select from design options such as touch-to-open doors, soft-close drawers, lighting, open shelving or even paneling your appliances rather than showing them off.


When designing your space, you have the option to really think about how you move in the kitchen and then you can use that information to tailor your cabinets to be highly functional for you and your family. You can implement organization solutions such as a spice rack, pull-out trash can or appliance garage. You can position the trash can near the sink and put built-in outlets in the cabinets if you have appliances that will be charging. The options are endless when it comes to drawers, doors and storage space.


If you have an unusual floor plan or unconventional layout, custom cabinets can be designed to fit the space. The cabinets can be built to any specifications to ensure that your space has a clean and fitted look.

Customization allows you to avoid the one-size-fits-all approach to the design and functionality of your kitchen cabinets. Making room in your budget and timeline for a unique design that’s truly you will be worth it in the long run.

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  1. I like how you point out that functionality would be one of the biggest benefits that come from having custom kitchen cabinets. The extra storage space would definitely be the biggest benefit that I’d get from having custom cabinets. It would certainly be a huge improvement for me since my kitchen is already lacking storage as it is.

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