If you are known for your intricately designed birthday cakes or are always being asked to make cookies for your friends and family, you might be in need of a baker’s kitchen! If you are a baker at heart that is dedicated to your craft, then you probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen! Here are some ways to make your kitchen work for you!

Build a customized floor plan

Consider how you move around in the kitchen and personalize the layout to match your movements. Set your configuration so that your workflow is a piece of cake whether you are making bread from scratch or attempting hand-whipped meringue.

Modify your countertop height

Install varying countertop heights for standing or sitting, and even a section of lower countertops for your kids. This is helpful when you need to stand to gain leverage for kneading bread or when you want to get off your feet to sit down to decorate Christmas cookies.

Choose a countertop material

As a baker, you spend a lot of time with your countertop whether that’s rolling dough or measuring and mixing ingredients. Ensure that you have a lot of space to work with and that it’s an accommodating material. According to Duff Goldman, ideally you should have three countertop types: marble or granite, wood, and stainless steel. If you’d rather opt for a more uniform look using one material, choose granite, marble or quartz. Stone is baker-friendly as it does well with rolling dough, cutting and direct heat. Stay away from tile and grout as it’s difficult to clean!

Think oversized sink

Find a sink that is large enough to wash big bowls and pans that you can’t put in the dishwasher. A large sink is convenient for cleaning oversized items but also helps with filling pots and pitchers with water and straining fruits. It’s also a convenient place to hide all of your dirty bakeware throughout the process so that your workspace looks clean!

Make room for storage

Specialized storage such as a narrow and tall space for your sheet pans, a customized pantry with vertical storage, or oversized drawers to hold your rolling pins and Kitchen-Aid attachments makes it easy for you to access all of your baking essentials.

Integrate open shelving

Incorporating open shelving into your kitchen design not only makes the room feel larger but it gives your space a bakery-esque feel as your mixing bowls, glass measuring cups, flour and sugar are sitting out for all to see.

Design built-ins

Integrate a pull-out stand in your kitchen island to set your mixer on when you need more space or include a built-in step stool at the bottom of your cabinets so that you can reach high places when the occasion calls for it. Built-ins are effective design elements for small kitchens as they can easily be put away when not in use.

Add a bookshelf

Online recipes and videos are increasing in popularity but there’s still something special about opening a bookmarked recipe from one of your favorite cookbooks. Build a bookshelf to house your Julia Child cookbooks and your grandmother’s handwritten notebook full of family recipes. If you are more of a tablet person, install an under cabinet mount for your tablet for ease as you peruse online recipes.

Purchase the perfect oven

A luxury oven is the center of your dream baker’s kitchen. A convection oven distributes heat evenly and consistently, allowing you to get evenly baked cookies and pie crusts every time. Did we say one oven? We meant two! This way you can make dinner and dessert at once!

Add a spice drawer

Keep the cinnamon, nutmeg and sprinkles at arm’s reach. Add a horizontal, in-drawer spice rack or include a slimmer, vertical, pull-out version that can fit in tight corner spaces that might go unused in your kitchen’s design.

Let the light in

How can you practice your piping techniques when there’s a shadow over your cake? The more windows, the better, as natural lighting will pour into your creative space. Add custom lighting to your kitchen to ensure that it’s well-lit so you won’t miss a single detail.


Organize and design your kitchen for comfort and convenience and tailor it to your love of baking. Some ideas work with a small kitchen but others might need a larger footprint. Work with your floor plan to create a kitchen that your inner baker has always dreamed of!

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