Granite is a popular design choice due to its durability and polished look. The natural stone can complement your home’s style in a variety of living spaces, outside of the kitchen and bathroom! Make an investment in your interior design and bring granite into your home in an unconventional way.



Utilizing granite for your kitchen or bathroom countertops can give your space a luxurious feel whether you are brushing your teeth or chopping an onion. Consider incorporating a granite waterfall into your kitchen or refresh your laundry room by designing a granite workspace where you can fold your clothes. Granite is heat- and scratch-resistant which is why it’s always practical for countertops.



Go beyond the countertop and re-imagine your sink space. The use of granite at your sink can give your powder room or kitchen an upscale look, whether it’s a pedestal or farmhouse sink.


Floors and walls

Lay granite floor tiles in your bathroom and choose a size and pattern that bring together all of your bathroom components. Invest in a trendy look that takes the granite from the floor to the walls. This unified look will be sure to impress and will make you feel like you’re in the spa.



Design doesn’t stop at the floors and walls. Incorporate granite into coffee tables, dresser countertops, end tables or a built-in computer workstation.


Outdoor space

Granite is durable and resilient to unfavorable weather conditions which makes it not only an attractive way to beautify your outdoor space, but also a practical solution to withstand wear and tear. Dress up your outdoor space by building a natural stone walkway from the grill to the seating area. Design a granite bench for the garden or implement granite countertops in your outdoor kitchen.



Adding granite to your basement bar top is a stylish touch that eliminates the worry of water rings from cocktail glasses.



Make your fireplace the center of attention by adding granite to the hearth or mantle. Make it a piece of art by taking the granite all the way up the wall until it meets the ceiling.



Design a customized granite backsplash or create an accent wall in your kitchen that showcases the intricate beauty of the slab.



Include a granite bench underneath your built-in storage where you can sit down and take off your shoes. It will withstand the high traffic and will be a warm greeting at the end of a long day.


Granite isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Extend a sense of luxury throughout your home and find unique ways to incorporate granite into your home design and your everyday lifestyle.

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