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Professional Services
  • We offer the best in Kitchen and Bath design services. Our cabinetry services range from delivery, tear out, haul away services and to complete cabinet and granite installation.”
    We are a staff of customer service professionals first, Cabinet and Granite designers second. By definition “excellent customer service (is) the ability of an organization to constantly and consistently exceed the customer’s expectations”. Accepting this definition means expanding our thinking about customer service; if we’re going to consistently exceed customers’ expectations, we have to recognize that every aspect of our business has an impact on customer service, not just those aspects of our business that involve face-to-face customer contact. We offer you the service you would expect when looking to invest in the home environment you wish to create. Your total satisfaction is our goal through the process of choosing, designing and installing your granite, and or cabinet needs.
    From far away exotic isles where our granite is mined, to one of our many store front locations, consistency of quality is the corner stone of our business.  All of our granite is a 3cm thickness with an ogee edging as a standard finish. Our cabinets are made from the finest maple wood , stained and glazed to produce a fine cabinet finish. All of the corners and joints are mitered together for quality assurance. Our cabinets have a 1 year guarantee. Bottom line is that we sell you a quality product that we stand by to ensure your total satisfaction.


Commercial and Contractors

Cabinet Warranty Information


Cabinets and Granite, Inc. hereby warrants that all cabinets sold by Cabinets and Granite, Inc. are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This warranty is expressly limited to repair or replacement of the defective part at the discretion of Cabinets and Granite, Inc., and does not include labor for the removal or replacement. This warranty only applies to the original consumer purchaser and is not transferable to subsequent owners. This warranty does not extend to defects caused by improper handling, storage, installation, assembly or disassemble, damages, product modifications, exposure to the elements including humidity and heat which may result in damaging the cabinets, misuse, abuse or negligence.

Natural wood may vary in texture, color and wood grain, and exhibit subtle changes as they age. Sunlight, smoke, moisture, household cleaners and other environmental conditions may cause materials to vary from their original color and/or to warp, split or crack. These variations are considered to be the nature of the material in relation to its environmental exposure and not covered under this warranty.

Cabinets and Granite, Inc. periodically updates and makes changes to its product line and specifications. If a warranty claim is filed against obsolete or changed product, Cabinets and Granite will replace the part(s) under warranty with a new part of the same style or with a similar style currently offered. Cabinets and Granite, Inc. cannot be held responsible for replacement product that may not exactly match installed products.


Cabinets and Granite, Inc. makes no other warranties other than those set forth herein and all other warranties are hereby disclaimed. In no event shall Cabinets and Granite, Inc. be liable for incidental or consequential damages to the homeowner or to any third party, including, without limitation, damages arising from personal injury, lost profits, loss of business opportunity, loss of property, economic losses, or statutory or exemplary damages, whether from negligence, warranty, strict liability or otherwise. . . To submit a warranty claim, the original consumer purchaser must contact the Cabinets and Granite, Inc. dealer or re-seller where the product was purchased. A copy of the original dated sales receipt must be presented as proof of purchase. The Cabinets and Granite, Inc. dealer or re-seller will contact the Cabinets and Granite, Inc. sales representative who will inspect the product and submit the findings to Cabinets and Granite, Inc. for response.

Maintenance Tips


Keep cabinet surfaces dry.Quick temperature changes and excessive moisture can be harmful to the cabinet finish and overall cabinet stability.

Be careful with knives and other sharp objects that can damage the cabinet surface.

Do not leave printed materials (newspapers, magazines, etc.) on the cabinet surface. The printing ink can bleed into the cabinet finish.


To remove dust, use a soft, lint-free cotton cloth to wipe down all exterior and interior surfaces.


Use a soft, lint-free cotton cloth dampened with a mild detergent or soap, and warm water.

Harsh detergent residues may harm finishes.

Avoid using a dish cloth or sponge. For best results, use a “blotting” action rather than a wiping motion when cleaning.

Dry surfaces immediately with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth.

Avoid ammonia-based cleaners and soaps with dye.


Food spills and grease will come off more easily if they are removed promptly.

Wipe up spills and water spots immediately with a lint-free cotton cloth so moisture is not absorbed into the cabinetry.

Check the areas around the sink and dishwasher to make sure that water and detergents do not dry on the cabinet.


Avoid draping wet or damp dish towels over doors of the base cabinets.

Do not attach towel racks to the interior of cabinet doors.

Never leave a cloth moistened with cleaners on a cabinet surface for any length of time.

Avoid placing small kitchen appliances where the heat or steam is directed onto cabinet surfaces.

Always protect wood surfaces by using hot pads under hot items.


Never use scouring pads, steel wool, wire brushes or powdered cleaners.

Do not allow oven cleaner to touch any part of the cabinet.

Avoid sliding objects across the cabinet surface.

When in doubt of a cleaner’s suitability, don’t use it. Harsh cleaners and detergents may scratch and penetrate the surface, allowing food or moisture to enter and cause deterioration of the finish.


Use a household glass cleaner with a soft, clean cloth.

Apply the glass cleaner directly to a cloth rather than the glass or mirror.

Avoid excess glass cleaner running into cabinet joints.

Ammonia should never be used full strength.